Funky, colorful contemporary art craft--New Orleans style

Many of our items make wonderful gifts.  We package most items in attractive plastic gift bags tied with ribbon.  You will need to contact us about gift-wrapping very large items, such as the mega snowman and the larger baskets.  There is no charge for this service.  If you would like to add a message, just ask.  Let us know what you want the note to say and we will add a handwritten message.  

What would my mother like?
You don't know?  Jeez.  OK, here's what we suggest, based on years of experience with mothers:  If she's big and out-going she will definitely like the eyeglass leashes.  If she likes to entertain at home we suggest the napkin rings.  Or items that make a good home accent of centerpiece, like a basket.  For something simpler, or just to show you care, take a look at the ornaments, most of which are suitable for all occasions or simply for general home décor.

What can you suggest for women friends?
Jewelry, of course.  Or how about an earring stand?  She might also like an eyeglass leash, perfect for holding reading glasses or sunglasses.  Is it her birthday?  Get her a stylish and colorful tiara to wear at the party, and maybe even a scepter to complete the royal effect!  Or for a simple friendship gift consider an ornament.

Do you have any housewarming gifts?
Most of our non-jewelry items make good housewarming gifts.  And they would be unique.  Examples:  The nest basket, mirrors, lamps, napkin rings.

Wedding gifts?
Think basket.  Think napkin rings.  Think a set of assorted ornaments.
That certain bride with a sense of humor and a love of color might like one of our tiaras for the wedding ceremony or the reception.

Do you have anything for guys?
We have sold the alligator pin to quite a few guys.  It looks good on a hat or a lapel.  Some of the ornaments are pleasing to men, and boys, too.  Some of our gay friends find the rainbow bracelet or necklace to be appealing.  Or just about anything in the home décor section of the site.

What about kids?
The very young seem to be totally fascinated by just about everything we make.  The form and color really appeal to them.  Of course, you must be careful about small parts or anything that can detach because they will stick it in their mouth.  Ornaments are appropriate for kids of all ages, and they really seem to like them.   The scepters are magic wands to children.  We have seen children put our pet tiaras on stuffed animals and dolls.  And we have cases of girls getting a matching pair of tiaras for themselves and their doll/stuffed animal/pet.  

Who knows what a teenage girl will like?  But under a special set of conditions a tiara or earrings might, just might, be acceptable without the usual shrug and a sneer.  Boys might find the alligator pin to be acceptable.

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