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Handmade wire sculptures for the tree, the mantle, the window, the rearview mirror or anywhere else you can imagine.
Hanging Ornaments

The Large Xmas Wreath,
shown here, is made with layers of anodized aluminum wire.
Flat ornamental shapes are woven onto the surface.
About 17" diameter.

#806   Large Wreath  $210

Each of these ornaments is made of anodized aluminum wire with the outer shape and the inner spiral in contrasting colors.  About 5" long.  Hang them on the tree, in a window, or tie to present.

Spiral in a Star

         #831 Spiral-in-a-Tree assorted colors: aqua,gold  & deep purple(shown).........$16$16

Assorted colors

#822 10"New icicles with bead with loop at the end to hang other ornaments on or more icicles,colors aqua,purple,red,gold, yellow,lime& and blue......$5 each
or 6 for $27.

Great for the tree or as a package tie-on

#817  Candy Canes
Twisted wire.   About 6" long


Specify style:
Traditional (red and green)
Refined (red and silver)
Wild (our choice of colors)

The multicolor Xmas Ball has proven to be very popular with ornament collectors and anyone who appreciates the detail and heft of such an item.
3" dia.    Comes with a hook.
#818    $36