Baskets & Balls
The Nest Basket
Multicolored "nest" woven from multisized wire.
Now in five sizes.  They are
impressive as a group  or on their own.  The 8" is also available in solid colors (call).
#679: 23" nest $500
#6790:20 " nest $400
#678: 15" nest  $200
#674: 10" nest $160
#673: 8" nest $104
Flat Baskets come in 3 sizes.  Multicolored  open weave aluminum wire. Choose between a spiral or a flower in the center. Multicolor or special order colors: purple, red, aqua, yellow,gold,lime,deep purple,blue, &green.

#689 (10" dia):  $ 76
#671 (14" dia):  $  96
#675 (18" dia):  $140

Use on a table, for fruit, bread, or as a wall piece.                           
Detail of basket construction.

Basket #660 is made of sturdy 8-guage wire.  Multicolored.  About 9" in diameter.  $110

Comes in two larger sizes:
#642--14" diameter  $150
#672--16" diameter  $165

The multicolor Xmas Ball has proven to be very popular with ornament collectors and anyone who appreciates the detail and heft of such an item.
3" dia.    Comes with a hook.
#818    $36

For more Xmas, go to Ornaments
Basket #664, the "loopy basket",  is one of our most popular styles.  Red and purple curly wire are woven around a through a silvery aluminum frame.  
About 9" in diameter.  Also available in cool colors (aqua and blue).

$116 each